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Year of Blessings

Filed under: General by Helen on 1/7/2006

Year of Blessings

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Six years ago, this week, I started chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was the same day that we celebrated my granddaughter’s first month of life.

2000 was an inconvenient year, full of discomforts and worries. But also a year of blessings and miracles, challenges and new understanding.

I’ll spare you the small lessons, and give you the most important I learned: Life is like a pocket… It’s what you put into that counts. Even when it seems empty, it’s just waiting for you to add something. Fill it well, use it every day, share it freely.

In the end, I would like to be able to say “Now that’s been a well used pocket!”

Uploaded by HelenJr on 7 Jan ’06, 12.33pm CST.


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  1. Hello Helen. I meet you in Flickr. Or you found me. 🙂 I’m glad meet you too. I feel so much that you cant read what I write in my Blog. But you can bee sure that I’m going coming here again. What you said in this post is very, very beautiful. I hope I will know filling my pocket, and yes, from words like that! Thank, you.

    Comment by rosangela — 1/12/2006 @ 7 am

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