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Bad Hair Day

Filed under: General by Helen on 6/14/2005

P61104361 – Bad Hair Day

Originally uploaded by jhjohnso.

This picture reminds me of when I lost my hair during chemotherapy in 2000. It came out in clumps. Looked awful. I actually used sticky tape on my scalp to finish the job cleanly. So frightening!

At first, my song was a lament:
~oh, vanity lost!
~hidden bumps and lumps exposed.
~feeling truly naked

Eventually, it turned to a Song of Thanksgiving:
~all secrets revealed
~a surpprising gift of freedom
~proud, grateful, and bald

I am now so much wiser on two counts. 1)I know that what’s under the hair is no big deal. 2)I know that even a bad haircut grows out eventually.


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