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Hard frost last night – Rose Leaf

Filed under: General by Helen on 10/25/2005

Hard frost last night – Rose Leaf

Originally uploaded by HelenJr.

Our first hard frost of the season. It’s the only one that matters. After the frost, the garden is done. It is always so decieving….. in the morning, the leaves and flowers stand proud and jeweled. But as the sun warms them, there is nothing left to keep them standing. They wilt, hang limply, turn black. Now we know that winter will really come. Time to get out the mittens.



  1. You can not imagine how nice it was to see your frost-tipped rose leaf, as I sit reading my emails on the warm and sunny patio down here in Florida!

    Comment by Irene — 10/26/2005 @ 3 pm

  2. Irene, you’ve missed some lovely days. Then again, I’m sure you’ve had some, as well. Stay tuned. I’ll try to give you a little Minnesota feed, once in a while.

    Comment by HelenJ — 10/26/2005 @ 8 pm

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