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Frost On The Window

Filed under: General by Helen on 2/6/2007

Frost On The Window

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When it is extremely cold here in Minnesota, the air holds nothing. The light is stark and clear and bright. The sun, itself, seems hard and brittle. But, I think there is such a thing as too much clarity. My camera and I prefer to enjoy the gentler light passing through my dusty windows.

This morning’s note: Yesterday it was -15F (-26 for you “C” folks). But now it has warmed to -1, enough for a lovely fresh coat of snow.
Poem clip:
And o’er the window crept the hoary frost,
With many a wayward freak and curious antic,
In varied lines, that quaintly blent and crossed
In tracery romantic.
– Mrs. Rhoda A. Faulkner, FROST ON THE WINDOW…

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