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Bad Hair Day

Filed under: General by Helen on 6/14/2005

P61104361 – Bad Hair Day

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This picture reminds me of when I lost my hair during chemotherapy in 2000. It came out in clumps. Looked awful. I actually used sticky tape on my scalp to finish the job cleanly. So frightening!

At first, my song was a lament:
~oh, vanity lost!
~hidden bumps and lumps exposed.
~feeling truly naked

Eventually, it turned to a Song of Thanksgiving:
~all secrets revealed
~a surpprising gift of freedom
~proud, grateful, and bald

I am now so much wiser on two counts. 1)I know that what’s under the hair is no big deal. 2)I know that even a bad haircut grows out eventually.


Mosquito Haiku

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P6110424x – mosquito haiku

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unfortunate soul
cause of death: blunt force trauma
alas, no one mourns

I have neglected the smaller creatures (like insects) in my musings. Perhaps they lead interesting lives, as well. I suspect that it’s all a matter of perspective.


fly haiku

Filed under: General by Helen on 6/10/2005

P6050002x – fly haiku

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were I a fly
on a dusty summer screen
what would I (could I) see?


Morning on the Lake

Filed under: General by Helen on 6/6/2005

P6050056x – Morning on the Lake

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Weekend at the cabin (up north). It rained/misted continually. Bad news? No way! It produced this lovely misty morning for fishing. No wind. No bugs. No sunburn. Noone else around. No fish to clean. (We released them) Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning. Click on the pic for more fishing pictures.