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Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.
-Amy Li

Whatever would I do if you weren’t?

Happy Birthday, Jo. I love you.


It is as it should be….

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Four GenerationsI come from a line (two lines actually) of strong women. Women of imagination and interests who found wonder in what they saw. Women who educated themselves, and sought opportunities to know and contribute to the world around them. Creative women who found joy in what they could make, and what they could share. Women of gentleness and generosity. But most importantly, women who faced the challenges, fears, and sadnesses of life head-on, with pride and determination and grace. I am humbled by them.

From these women, through my mother and grandmothers, I receive a legacy I can never repay. I can only do my best to live up to it and to pass it to my own daughter. In turn, I never hope to be repaid in kind. Now she must pass the legacy on, as well. Not back to me, but down to her children. It is as it should be.

Mom, happy Mother’s Day. Thank you. You have given me much.

Else, happy Mother’s Day, as well. I already have the joy of seeing your strength, your wisdom, your generosity. You make me proud.


Who’s News

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Bill Kelley

William Ringnier Kelley

1925: May 14, Billy Kelley born, first child of Bill and Ingred Kelley 

1943: Bill Kelley graduates from Wayzata High School with great promise and high expectations.

2005: Bill Kelley hits 80. We celebrate his success in the business of life.

Dad, Happy 80th Birthday from all of your admirers.

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To Sir With Love

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Mom and Sir Last summer, I spent a week at ‘La Maison du Patchwork’ in Chateauponsac, France. My mother and I had a wonderful time, good people, good food, good conversation. A special member of our group was our hosts’ English bulldog, Sir. Sir was wonderfully friendly and enthusiastic. He would leap with gusto at every opportunity to join us; and he’d shiver with delight when he succeeded at becoming the center of our loving attention. It was always such a pleasure to see him smile.

But Sir was fragile. He suffered from epilepsy. Though we did our best not to, there were occasions when our attentions caused enough stress to trigger a seizure. It was difficult for all of us to witness that struggle.

Today I received sad news that Sir has died. We send our sympathies to Graham and Isabel Sunderland. Sir will always have a special place in our hearts.


Who’s News?

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Betsy Merritt Elizabeth Merritt, born 1-22-1955 

Betsy, Happy 50th Birthday.

You’ll always be an historic treasure to us. On this important day, we send lots of love from all of your friends and family.

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